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Your Employees Have Quit.

Your Employees Have Quit...They Just Haven’t Left. Is this true in your workplace? A disengagement crisis is sweeping corporate America and beyond, siphoning billions of dollars each year from companies around the globe. These dollars are leaving your organization through a number of ways:

  • Decreased profitability
  • Lower productivity
  • Increased attrition & absenteeism
  • Lack of innovation
  • Poor customer service
  • Loss of loyalty


Do you know how to fix it?

Business owner, consultant, speaker, and engagement expert Rich Schlentz builds cases for both the problem and the solution. Utilizing compelling and humorous stories, Rich outlines nine proven strategies to transform your workplace culture and achieve results. This book will inspire you to become a better leader. You’ll cast off myopic task-management and engage people with enthusiasm and purpose. Get ready to reconnect with the passion that first ignited you. Out of your own re-engagement, give your employees a reason to care again. Rich’s anecdotes will entertain you, his transparency will move you, and his insights will encourage you to revive your culture.



Download a Special Report from the book here.