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Top 10 Lists.

Here's a gift of time! The "Engagement Experts" have sifted through a lot of great content to bring you several lists of the best of the best. Enjoy!


  1. Consider, if you could change one thing (within your control), what would it be?
  2. Schedule one day a month for personal  evaluation, reflection, and refocusing.
  3. Whenever you set a goal, speak it to a trusted ally who will "own" it with you.
  4. Each quarter ask one colleague for honest feedback on your strengths & weaknesses.
  5. Take a new assessment to uncover new strengths and talents not being utilized.
  6. When brainstorming options, create twice as many as you think you need.
  7. Use every "failure" as a learning experience to reshape and redefine your goal.
  8. Be curious about others--ask questions and then listen without interruption.
  9. Ask yourself what beliefs lie behind your actions...and be willing to change the ones that no longer serve you.
  10. Create a personal mission statement for a compelling sense of purpose.


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  7. Think About Your Thinking
  8. Wisdom to Know the Difference
  9. Aware and Receptive
  10. Follow Through


TOP 10 Reasons to Book Rich (to speak at your next event)

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