Our Story.

OUR MISSION: "A movement to revive the global workplace, one culture at a time!'


In the fall of 2007, Rich Schlentz had just come off one of his biggest perceived "failures." The health and fitness organization he had started in 1992--that had expanded to 5 locations, over 300 employees, and 11,000 members--had just fired him. Rapid growth had strained the company's resources; the internal culture began to suffer, and disengagement set in. As the vision changed, Rich was no longer a good fit. The parting was traumatic...and it was also the best thing that could have happened. A new vision was born.

Rich's natural gift for inspiration immediately led him to Dale Carnegie, where he rose through the ranks as a master presenter. At the same time, as he watched companies around him languish under the same disengagement he had experienced in the fitness industry, an inner flame was lit. A vision to see cultures changed--to see employees being valued, cultivated, and empowered. To cast off the survival mentality that spread like a plague through officees and cubicles everywhere. In a word: engagement.

Two years later, Rich took the skills that had been honed in countless Dale Carnegie events and launched EXTRAordinary! Inc. as a team of one with a vision to change the world. Like most small businesses, progress was slow but steady. As the vision matured, the Nine Principles for Employee Engagement were honed. Clients began to catch enthusiasm as they saw culture transformed through a combination of bold consulting, high-energy workshops, and personal coaching. The results began to speak for themselves.

Now EXTRAordinary! Inc. is a team of engagement experts...crafting custom curriculum and delivering learning events for the likes of Hanesbrands, Window World, and B/E Aerospace. Workgroups are experiencing true culture shift as the learning is put into action through professional coaching. The movement is on!

Are you ready to join the movement?