Why you can’t find good people (1 min read)

February 5, 2018

It’s a common complaint: “We just can’t find good people.”

When faced with a problem, a natural response is to deflect:

What’s wrong with them?

What’s their problem?

In the case of locating qualified employees, deflecting the problem won’t fix it;

Owning it will.

Your most powerful tool for attracting and retaining talent is your culture.

A team of engaged employees is more effective at recruiting the right people than any expensive marketing brochure, cutting edge website, or social media strategy.

It doesn’t matter what you say about you.

What matters is what your employees say about you.

Word of mouth is TRUTH. And, the truth about your culture (good or bad) is out there.

Recruitment and retention is an inside-out job.

There’s an abundance of capable, creative, and motivated people looking for the right team to join.

When you do the work required to be an engaged culture, the right people will know about it and seek you out.


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