Anonymous feedback doesn’t work (1 min read)

January 22, 2018

Employee feedback is often sought though anonymous surveys.

The default thought process concludes:

“This way people will tell us what they’re really thinking!”

Where else do we turn to an anonymous online tool to understand people’s thoughts and feelings? Do you:

  • Email your friends a link when you’re curious about how the relationship is going?
  • Ask your significant other to log-in so you can better understand their perspective of your partnership?
  • Expect your children to use an online survey to clarify the effectiveness of your parenting skills?

Things get better when people talk.


When dialogue ensues, understanding emerges, and relationships strengthen.

People share their truth when they feel safe sharing their truth.

Here’s some honest feedback:

Anonymity doesn’t feel safe, it feels secretive.

Stop the surveys.

Start the conversations.

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