Have you been appreciated today? (2 min read)

January 16, 2018

If you haven’t…you’re not alone.

Of all the things you’ve ever caught yourself complaining about, getting too much appreciation has probably not been one of them.

Culturally, we often restrict appreciation to special occasions.

At home it may not be expressed until a birthday, thanksgiving, an anniversary or, when it’s too late, a funeral.

At work it may not be expressed until the next cookout, holiday party, or the aptly named ‘Employee Appreciation Day’.

Appreciation isn’t a one-day thing, it’s an every-day thing.

Stand-alone activities don’t cut it.

What matters most is what happens in-between those special occasions.

Appreciation is most effective when given in small consistent doses over time.

It’s the gift that shows up when you’re sincerely listened to, recognized, sought out, encouraged, coached, invested in, cheered on, and complimented.

If you’re not getting the appreciation you desire from your leader:

Give it to those you lead.

Give it to those you influence.

Most importantly, give it to yourself.


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