It’s not about the work

January 3, 2018

What if work is bigger than tasks, products, profitability, and bonuses?

What if work is really about things more important than the work itself?

What if the alarming rate of disengagement is a symptom of focusing on the wrong things.

Give yourself permission to reclaim what’s being neglected.

Focus on the right things:

  1. You. Most of your adult life is spent at work. Transform it into a place where you can figure yourself out. Take responsibility for your individual growth, uncover your strengths, and look your shortcomings in the eye. Dare to ask yourself tough questions and receive honest feedback from a source you trust…even if that source is the quiet voice in your heart you tend to ignore.
  2. Them. Coworkers are powerful teachers. Some serve as invitations and others serve as warnings. Learn from them all. They’ll teach you how to listen, gain understanding, compromise, negotiate, and empathize. With and through others you have the opportunity to follow, lead, make mistakes, and resolve conflict. Without “Them” you won’t become fully “You”.
  3. Us. “You” vs. “Them” prevents the shared purpose of “Us”. The magic of shared purpose is synergy, meaning, and community. Success is much sweeter, and failure is less painful, when it’s shared.

Stop worrying about the work.

Start caring for the people who make the work worth it.

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