Run your own race

December 27, 2017

Learning is not a one-time event.

Your development requires practice and hard work, over time.

That book you want to read, that webinar you signed up for, that workshop you are looking forward to…

They are starting points; not destinations.

Growth occurs when you shift from an observer to a contributor.

It’s the difference between watching the race and running it.

Your personal development R.A.C.E should have 4 key elements that leave you feeling:

  1. Revived: “You’re worth it” sounds corny. Many truths do. Investing time and resources into self-improvement isn’t selfish. What feels like a gift to you is also a gift to everyone else you interact with.
  2. Accountable: You are in charge of your growth (or, lack thereof). If you’re expecting someone else to lead the way—you’ll end up stuck at the starting line.
  3. Challenged: Growing into your full potential has a price. Turning a tool into a skill is difficult. That’s what makes it valuable. In the long run, “free and easy” shortcuts are neither.
  4. Encouraged: Embarking on your personal development journey will leave you inspired about the trajectory of your career path and the impact you can have on your surroundings.

Don’t exhaust yourself in the sprint of a quick fix.

Find your stride for the long haul.

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