Are you really listening?

December 13, 2017

Listening is tough.

It requires physical, emotional, and intellectual presence.

It is an authentic expenditure of time and energy and truth be told, it can wear you out.

For many, paying that caliber of attention costs too much.

Have you ever tried to pass off counterfeit listening for the real thing?

  • Distracted – engaging in an obsessive relationship with your phone or computer
  • Pretending – trapped in your own head, fixating on what you might say next

Active listening is rare. Perhaps that’s why it offers a huge return on your investment:

  1. Be present
  2. Seek to understand
  3. Resist judgement

When you gain insight, you gain respect.

Try it in your next conversation at work.

Or better yet, try it at home.

Who will you actively listen to today?

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