Leadership is more than a style

December 6, 2017


It’s tempting to label your leadership style:

Autocratic, Strategic, Transactional, Charismatic, Visionary, Laissez-faire…

The list goes on.

Instead of trying to fit into a style, stand out with your substance.

Substance provides meaning and allows your team to sink their teeth into their work.

It’s the clear and compelling answers to questions that weigh on their hearts and minds:

  1. What is our purpose?
  2. What do we do and how do we do it?
  3. What are our values?
  4. What is my role and expectations?
  5. What are my tools?
  6. How will I know when I’m performing well?
  7. How will I know when I’m not performing well?
  8. What might a reasonable career path look like?
  9. Who can I count on for support and coaching?
  10. What is the evidence that my work matters?

When these answers are known, engagement and results multiply.

Your people are not inspired by your style, they are inspired by knowing how they can bring value to the table.

When you help them make that connection, a team that has to follow you transforms into a team that wants to follow you.

Engaging leadership all about substance.

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