Never take this advice:

September 7, 2017

Never take this advice-

“You’re the best, don’t ever change.”

Really? Don’t ever change?

Yearbook flattery is dangerous advice.

I cringe to think what my life would look like if I had taken this misguided affirmation to heart.

Our willingness to learn, grow, and yes, change, is the best gift we can offer ourselves and the people around us.

Ironically, we end up fearing and resisting change. Sometimes at great costs.

In the years since high school, have you: Changed for the better? Improved your health? Become more compassionate? Added new skills? Tested your comfort zone? Grown emotionally? Started caring less about what people think of you and more about what you can offer this world?

If not, that’s what today is for.

The best encouragement we can give each other is simply this:

“Keep changing.”

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