Dance with your audience; not for them

August 30, 2017

Dance your audience; (1)

Communication is a dance.

It feels so natural until someone is watching.

When is the last time you wondered what to do with your hands during a conversation with a friend? So how come you have no idea what to do with the darn things during a presentation to colleagues?

When eyes are on you, you’re in your head instead of in the moment.

That’s when things get off beat.

It’s tempting to choreograph your communication and rehearse your every word…your every move.

Here’s the problem:

Turning a presentation into a performance only adds to the pressure.

Instead of dancing for your audience, dance with them.

Invite them in.

Ask questions. Seek their perspective. Honor their voice.

If you want your presentation to feel natural; be natural.

When it’s a shared experience…the rhythm is a lot easier to find.

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