Reprogram your stress reflex

July 25, 2017

Reprogram your stress reflex

Two of the most common survival techniques when dealing with stress are fight or…

Hey, where did you go?

Over time, this ingrained stress reflex takes its toll on our physical, psychological, and emotional well-being.

Stressors can’t hurt us; our response to them is what causes the damage.

Our goal isn’t to avoid or eradicate stress, it’s to change our relationship with it.

It’s about self-management, not stress-management.

As Shawn Achor says in his TED Talk, the most effective way to have a healthy relationship with stress is to see it as a challenge rather than a threat.

Even when a situation can’t be changed, our mindset can.

Think of a stressor in your life:

  • How could you envision it as a challenge rather than a threat?
  • How might you adjust your response when it happens next time?
  • What preemptive action would help reduce the frequency of its occurrence?

Don’t aim to be stress-free, aim to be free from a stressed response.

It’s the difference between surviving the day-to-day, and thriving in it.

Ready to make the shift?





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