Nurture your roots

June 26, 2017

Nurture with Shadow

Running through a favorite park, I noticed a number of pine trees had toppled over.

A death sentence from saturated soil and strong winds.

The elements don’t deserve the entire blame though. The pines had a role in their demise.

Shallow roots.

That’s why it’s so rare to see an oak tree on its side.

An oak’s deep roots make the difference between standing firm and crashing to the ground.

Over time, your organization will face its own version of heavy rains and blustery winds.

The best way to remain stable is to ensure you have deep and sturdy roots.

Your marketing strategy, cutting-edge technology, innovative products and services are above ground attributes.

People are your roots.

Nurture your people and they’ll ensure the rest of your business will flourish.

Ignore them and you’ll sap your infrastructure of the passion it depends on to keep it strong.

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