The one type of person you can’t reason with

June 19, 2017

reason with

Whether you’re motivated by internal desire or external pressure to tackle an issue, a fundamental truth can’t be ignored:

Relationship precedes resolution.

The one type of person you can’t reason with is the person you don’t take the time to know.

Devoid of a relationship, we’re not as compelled to invest the energy required to resolve conflict.

Digging the foundation of a strong and meaningful relationship is necessary if you want to move from avoiding issues to addressing them.

Knowing your colleagues solely from a professional point-of-view isn’t enough.

Take the initiative to know them as people.

Push yourself past the “Hey, how are you?…Fine, how are you?” existence.

Ask about family, hobbies, a favorite vacation, a significant life achievement, future goals, or what motivates them.

Be curious. Be authentic. Listen intently.

Do the work up front so when inevitable conflicts arise, you’re positioned to resolve the issue, preserve the relationship, and forge a more resilient partnership going forward.

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