Practical Pointer: How to pick the best option

May 29, 2017

Practical Pointer #1

“Which one works best?”

It was the #1 question I heard during 15 years in the fitness industry as people sought insider information into which machine would burn the most calories in the least time.

Feeling like an expert, I’d point, “That one burns the most calories.”

The person would charge toward the equipment with all the enthusiasm they could muster and workout like a rock star.

Then, after a few days…maybe a week…never again.

I saw this trend over and over.

It took me a long time to figure out that I had been giving the wrong answer.

One day as someone again uttered that familiar question, a realization hit me and my response forever changed to:

“The one you’ll use.”

Similar questions show up in the workplace:

  • What’s the best time-management tool?
  • Which customer service process is the best to implement?
  • What is the best professional development course for our team?

The answer is the same whether you’re considering how to get in shape, manage your priorities, wow your customers, or fuel your career trajectory.

Which machine, tool, process, or course works best?

The one you’ll use.

Consistent use, over time, delivers the results you’re after.

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