My wife and I are in counseling

May 22, 2017

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Ask me how I’m enjoying married life and I’ll tell you the truth.

My wife and I are in counseling.

This response is typically followed by an awkward pause, a puzzled look, and a question few ever voice: You’ve only been married a year and you’re already in counseling?

Here’s the catch…and the beauty of this whole thing:

We aren’t “already” in counseling; we always have been. We started six-months before we took our vows.

It’s one of the smartest things we’ve ever done.

Some couples view marriage counseling as their last resort. We view it as our first priority.

Why wait to strengthen a relationship until things get bad? Real bad. The success rate in those cases is low. Real low.

The best time to work on a healthy and effective partnership is right from the start.

The emotional, spiritual, and financial cost of a broken marriage makes our investment of time, energy, and money well worth the effort.

Workplace development too often follows suit with traditional marriage counseling philosophy. Wait until leaders and teams are dysfunctional before investing time and resources in them.

There’s no reason to wait for things to get bad. Real bad. The success rate in those cases is low. Real low.

If you want influential leaders in dynamic partnership with highly effective teams, invest in them from the start.

The fall-out from failed leaders and dysfunctional teams is too expensive, both financially and emotionally.

The best time to make something better is before it’s broke.

Make sure your leaders and teams get the support they need.

It will be one of the smartest things you ever do.


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  1. So happy for you

  2. Thank you Pam!

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