Words Matter #4: Don’t contaminate the conversation

May 15, 2017

Words Matter #1 (9)

It’s obvious when the only voice you value is your own.

Here’s the status-quo scenario:

  1. Manager starts meeting
  2. Manager points out what’s going wrong
  3. Manager offers a solution to fix the problem
  4. Manager asks, “Any other ideas?” (cue the sound of crickets and a collective corporate nod)
  5. Manager interprets silence as confirmation to move forward with their plan

Leaders who speak too soon contaminate the conversation.

Engaging leaders need innovative ideas, thoughtful insight, alternative perspectives, and buy-in.

How the heck is that achieved?

Seek answers before you speak answers.

Change your interactions from a monologue to a dialogue.

Skillful listening cultivates the raw ingredients required for collective success and demonstrates to your team that their voice has value.

Imagine the difference:

  1. Manager starts meeting
  2. Manager recognizes what’s going well…then asks their team what challenges they’ve been facing
  3. Manager listens as team members identify where they’re getting stuck
  4. Manager facilitates a collaborative discussion of potential solutions (cue energized conversation with innovative ideas)
  5. Manager mobilizes the best plan by equipping their team with clearly defined action steps and mutual accountability

Stop talking. Start asking. Listen intently.

What you’ll hear will transform your results.

Words matter: don’t contaminate the conversation.

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