Why you need to fire Eeyore

May 3, 2017

why you need to fire eeyore shadow

Every team has one. Most teams have several. They tend to travel in packs.


Eeyores are people who choose to see things from a negative perspective. They delight in reciting phrases like:

  • We work harder than anyone here
  • Oh, we tried that before
  • Nope, that will never work
  • This is how we’ve always done it

What makes the Eeyore mentality believable (and addictive) is that their nay-sayings are sprinkled with specks of truth.

Below the problems they promote is the real issue: Eeyores don’t want to fix things. They don’t want to solve problems because wallowing in problems is what fuels them. Their struggle is part of their identity.

Eeyore’s negativity is contagious. It spreads like a virus.

A Harvard based study tells us that a negative mindset hinders sales, innovation, loyalty, resilience…and productivity.

Alternately, your mind at positive is 31% more productive than negative, neutral, or stressed. (Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage)

There’s an emotional, intellectual, and bottom-line cost to negativity.

Get your Eeyores the help they need to transform their point of view from negative to optimistic. Help them seek the “wows” instead of the “woes”. It’s imperative for their success and the success of your team.

It all comes down to this: Inspire them or fire them.

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