The problem with millennials

April 29, 2017

the problem with millennials

Colleagues are frustrated by them, “They don’t have the same work ethic we do.”

Leaders are confused by them, “Why are they always searching for meaning in their work?”

 Speakers complain about them, “They’re constantly distracted during my presentation.

Millennials are different.

That’s the point.

They’re supposed to be.

No generation is like the one before. Ever.

…And that’s good news.

Instead of frustration, confusion, and complaining, let’s consider understanding.

Colleagues: millennials have the same work ethic we do – only during different work hours. They seek hard work empowered by flexibility.

Leaders: we can learn something from them. It’s about time we look for a meaningful connection between the work we do and the results we achieve.

Speakers: the audience doesn’t owe us anything. It’s our job to be interesting and capture their attention. Millennials will turn from their phones when we say something relevant and valuable. And, if we’re lucky, they might even tweet it.

The problem with millennials is us.

Millennials: good luck.

Remember, you’ll end up complaining about the generation right behind you. Try not to be as hard on them as we’ve been on you.



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