Objections are not rejections

April 23, 2017

objections aren't rejections (4)

The objection.

It can feel like an impenetrable barrier when selling your idea, product, or service.

Objections sound like:

  • We don’t need it
  • We’ve tried that before
  • It’s too expensive
  • I’ll have to think about it
  • We’re too busy

Are you quick to convert these statements into personal rejections? Perhaps your ears are hearing “We don’t need you” or “You’re too expensive…”

Objections are not rejections.

Hidden within an objection statement is a question of doubt. Let’s translate:

  • We don’t need it = How will this help accomplish our goal?
  • We’ve tried that before = What makes this different from past experiences?
  • It’s too expensive = What value will I receive from my investment?
  • I’ll have to think about it = Is this more complicated than its worth?
  • We’re too busy = How will this improve our overcrowded schedule?

Objections express genuine concerns that need to be uncovered and addressed.

Instead of running from the objection, keep the conversation flowing. Ask clarifying questions. Seek understanding. Provide clarity.

The goal is to communicate the value of your idea, product, or service in terms that matter to your listener. If you haven’t done that, objections invite you to dig deeper and do better.



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