The one thing you can’t hide in fine print

April 10, 2017

fine print shadow

I received a special offer on vitamins for being a loyal customer.

In bold print it proclaimed, “12% off coupon.”

I loaded up my online shopping cart with excitement.

At checkout, only a tiny savings appeared. Huh?

That’s when I saw the fine print:

*12% off selected supplements.

The supplements they wanted to sell were not the ones I wanted to buy.

Their offer was not-so-special after all.

Surely the company’s marketing intention was not to leave a loyal customer feeling deflated and misguided. But that is exactly what they accomplished by putting the biggest detail in the smallest print.

Companies that offer restricted benefits attract customers who offer restricted loyalty…and restricted spending.

The one thing you can’t hide in fine print is that there is something to hide.

Make the offer bold.

Make the offer simple.

Make the offer valuable for your customer.


Don’t offer it at all.

Being misled is not a reward.

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