People Who Make A Difference: Donna Burick, RMP, CBT, Par BP

October 21, 2013

Donna BurickDonna Burick is doing the work she was designed to do. I’ve known Donna for a number of years and have come to respect and admire her intuitive nature. As long as she can remember, Donna was driven to help people as a calling, so she studied social work in college. After graduation, Donna decided that was not the right career path, instead she channeled her energies into opening a gourmet catering company called A Pinch of Thyme Catering. This work aligned with her desire to connect with and guide people through major life events.
After operating the catering company for over 13 years, Donna was introduced to the world of alternative healing when she began working with a Qigong Master to reverse her infertility, help with allergies and balance out her stressful lifestyle. This experience resonated with her so strongly that she sold the catering company and began the journey of studying holistic healing modalities, focusing in on the BodyTalk System. Donna now has 2 handsome sons and work that fulfills her deepest passions. She’s happy to wake up every day, anticipating the gifts that will come her way.

Since that significant turning point, Donna has created a unique fusion of intuitive guidance, life coaching and energy healing. She works with clients who are navigating life transitions, struggling with physical pain or illness, looking for clarity and purpose, and/or need business guidance and direction. Her practice is focused on creating permanent, holistic transformation in the lives of her clients. As a Whole Life Coach and Energy Therapist Donna has the opportunity to impact all aspects of her clients’ lives, whether it’s physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing. She believes that our lives are intricate webs of interconnected parts and seeks out root causes of imbalances, helping her clients repair the ripple effect of damage.

Whole Life Coaching with Energy Therapy helps to align body, mind, and spirit. This synergy removes hidden blocks in order to allow transformations to occurs quickly and easily. Whole Life Coaching with Energy Therapy treats each aspect of your life like a section of a wheel. When your work, relationship and health aspects are uneven, you experience a “bumpy ride.” Donna’s fusion of techniques has helped her clients who desire to:

  • Glide though transitions
  • Overcome depression and fatigue
  • Return to health and optimal weight
  • Navigate divorce or relationship shifts
  • De-clutter their mind and environment
  • Tap into their passion at work
  • Improve their family dynamics
  • Alleviate headaches, stress and allergies

Regardless of your issue, there’s a brighter path, a less stressful choice, an easier way and a simpler solution. Let Donna Burick help guide you along that path.

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