People Who Make a Difference: David Pinkley

July 5, 2013

David HinkleyI met David Pinkley through my work with National Speakers Associations Carolinas Chapter. Since that first meeting we’ve connected at our national convention, shared lunch, and chatted on the phone. David’s a true professional and the real deal. Our conversations have been encouraging, enlightening, and authentic. He’s the kind of person that helps me grow both professionally and personally—the kind of person I choose to be around.

David was laid-off from his first job in 1996 and vowed he’d never be unemployed again. Since then he has built a career around helping others build theirs. David is a professional speaker and founder of five companies, which focus on key areas of professional development and success:

For 17 years, David has been improving the way hiring managers and job seekers communicate. He is keenly interested in Employer and Employee Branding – the intersection of how companies package their opportunities to attract talent, and how individuals package themselves to attract great companies. David is a widely regarded expert on executive recruiting, career strategy and resume writing. He has:

  • Reviewed over 40,000 resumes
  • Interviewed over 3,000 people
  • Negotiated millions in compensation.

A highly sought-after speaker, David ignites inside you a desire to grow and he inspires the confidence for you to take action. He goes beyond motivating people he creates catalytic experiences that inspire audiences to be better. He knows that lasting change doesn’t always occur during a speech, but in the quiet moments thereafter when people personally commit to doing something new.  His most popular speeches are:

  • Awaken Your Professional Soul
  • Leadership 101: People Are Not Your Greatest Asset
  • Failure 101: How to Compel People To Buy
  • What Empty Trucks Teach Us About Confidence
  • How Successful Women Create Personal Brands That Are Unforgettable

David draws from diverse life experiences. Originally from Michigan, he has lived and worked in New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, Raleigh and Charlotte, NC.  He has traveled in 40 states and visited 23 countries. He has high-fived Elton John during a concert and has been the only non-African American member of a historic black Baptist Church in Chicago. His is firmly rooted in Charlotte, NC where he enjoys quality time with his three kids.

Contact David at You’ll be glad you did.

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