Read This! Your Employees Have Quit-They Just Haven’t Left

January 14, 2013

After years of promoting books, I get to recommend my own. How cool is that? Three years in the making, Your Employees Have Quit-They Just Haven’t Left, addresses the core business issue hampering organizations today—disengagement. The data is clear, improve levels of engagement within your team and attendance, customer service, safety, productivity and profitability soar. With humor and simplicity, this book uncovers nine fundamental principles that will engage and transform your workplace. Best news of all—most of these principles are low-to-no-cost. You can’t use a shrinking budget as an excuse any longer for not having a more engaged company. This book will do you no good unless you’re willing to make application. Practice these concepts and you can expect results.

Click here to purchase your copy (and dozens more for your team leaders).

Read. Enjoy. Apply.

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