People Who Make a Difference: Carol Wise

January 3, 2013

Carol Wise is a wonderful example of how life can unfold. She demonstrates what it means to live intentionally. She’s encouraged me to see life as a connection of meaningful events that lead me to become the person I’m intended to be. She could do the same for you. As the founder of Coaching Partners, Carol helps her clients achieve what they want for themselves. She works with clients from a variety of industries, including: accounting, software and IT development, leadership training and development, artists, writers, web designers, researchers, and HR managers. Carol uses her creativity to help her clients fine-tune their priorities. In 2012 she lead a 6-week course based on The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron.

Carol lives what she teaches. In mid-life she changed her life and now helps others who struggle with change. With her children grown and out of the nest, Carol’s focus has shifted toward social justice and helping a wider community. In 2010, Carol moved to Durham, NC in pursuit of the next phase of her development, non-profit work and consulting. She promptly received her certification in Non Profit Management from Duke University. In 2011 she was accepted into the prestigious Master’s program at UNC-Chapel Hill School of Social Work.

Most recently, Carol has delivered presentations on Advance Care Planning and The Five Wishes. She is passionate about healthy families and advocates for our Aging loved ones. She works with A Helping Hand, a Triangle non-profit agency serving the needs of the Aging community.

In her spare time, Carol enjoys traveling and celebrated the New Year in Panama. Never far from nature and salt water, Carol’s blog reflects what motivates and drives her, plus offers some concrete ideas for working and living.

Click here to visit Carol’s blog site.

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