People Who Make a Difference: Tom Stratton

October 31, 2012

I’ve known Tom Stratton for over 10 years. I’ve discovered that he’s authentic. Tom’s the same person in and out of work; that’s uncommon—so is Tom. He exhibits a rare balance of people and process skills. Now in his fourth decade of helping people, Tom has served others across roles in Sales, Training, HR, Organization Development, Lean Manufacturing and, most recently “Pricing.”  Tom successfully discerns and satisfies underlying human needs while working through human interaction disagreements, disappointment, and discouragement.  Building on shared values and aspirations he catalyzes change and brings forth fresh new opportunities.  His work is a history of creating or repairing human interactions in service of individual or corporate objectives. 

Tom demonstrates great passion for understanding and realizing the many benefits of our human diversity. He’s a trusted advisor in a number of long standing relationships and particularly enjoys mentoring young people.  His professional training includes an undergraduate degree in Agriculture Education and completion of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland’s Organization and Systems Development program.  Intellectually curious, Tom invests a lot of time and energy in learning and evolving his thinking across a wide range of topics.  Relationally, Tom takes an open stance and engages with a diverse community of friends, colleagues, associates, and acquaintances in order to better understand our shared humanity. 

Highlights in Tom’s long corporate career include: Pioneering new sales territories, building a new Learning and Development function, enabling the turnaround of a manufacturing site, leading local, country, and global change programs, consulting to large scale change programs at chemical plants, creating and leading a management development program, and now creating a pricing function in his firm. 

Helping others is a family affair. Tom’s wife, Janet, a Financial Advisor, his daughter, Betsy, a Youth Minister and his younger daughter, Samantha, a Physician Assistant, all contribute to the Spiritual, Physical, Financial and Relational health of their shared community. Beyond his corporate role, Tom and Janet, lead a Sunday Morning “Marriage Enrichment” class at First Christian Church in Kernersville, NC. Looking toward the future, Tom is seeking opportunities to employ his public speaking capabilities. 

Visit Tom’s LinkedIn profile by clicking here.

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