People Who Make a Difference: Gary Bradt

September 4, 2012

Gary Bradt will tell you his truth. For me, it was what I needed to hear. He was on a team of trusted colleagues who provided feedback and edits for my book, Your Employees Have Quit—They Just Haven’t Left. I didn’t always like to hear Gary’s feedback; that’s why I respect him. He cares enough to say what we need to hear, not what we want to hear. Ultimately, every time I heeded his advice and made the recommended changes, my writing got better. That’s what good coaching does for us; it helps us get better.

Dr. Gary Bradt is an author, clinical psychologist, leadership consultant, C-Suite executive coach and speaker on the topic of adapting to and leading through change. In 2000 Gary gained national notoriety when he became the leading speaker for Dr. Spencer Johnson’s book Who Moved My Cheese. “Cheese” gave thousands of people the chance to get acquainted with Gary’s extraordinary ability to cut through their frustration and fear and get to the heart of the matter; delivering powerful tools that help them adapt when going through change.

Gary established a strong following as an executive coach and speaker long before Spencer Johnson asked him to be the messenger for his groundbreaking book. He began his leadership development career in 1987 with a respected leadership development consultancy. There he helped client companies launch proven leadership strategies and processes, which turned change and tough times into an opportunity to transform themselves and their performance. His mantra – adapt and ignite! – is a rallying cry for success in these tumultuous times.

Gary earned his BA in psychology from Duquesne, University in Pittsburgh PA. He earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from Hahnemann University and Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, which in 2007 honored him with the “Excellence in Professional Psychology” award. Only the second graduate to be so recognized at the time, this award underscored Dr. Bradt’s contributions to the field of professional psychology through his achievements as an author, leadership consultant/coach and world-class speaker.

Click here to visit Gary’s website.
Click here to view Gary’s book The Ring in the Rubble.

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