E-couragement: Aware and Receptive

February 20, 2012

“The closest to being in control we will ever be is in the moment we realize we’re not.” Brian Kessler

The year was 1997 and my Toyota Camry had reached the end of its life expectancy. After searching my options, I determined it was about time I purchased a cool car. This led me to the Mazda Millenia. It was midnight blue, had tan leather interior, and six cylinders that provided “get up and go” power on the interstate. At the time I had two young daughters and often found myself playing with Barbie’s and hair bows. This car provided some much needed masculinity. As I accelerated off the lot that testosterone filled morning, something caught my eye. Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience after buying a new car of your own.  

Driving home I noticed something on the highway. Mazda Millenias. During the days that followed I recognized a similar trend, more Mazda Millenias. I wondered what caused this and thought, did all these people decide to buy a cool car just like me this week? Of course that was not what happened. Those cars had been there all along. The simple fact that I had purchased my Mazda Millenia had heightened my own awareness of, and receptivity to, similar vehicles. What caused this common phenomenon was a shift in my attention and focus. 

I’ve since pondered the application of this experience for other areas in my life. I’ve contemplated, how else might I harness this power of awareness and receptivity? Just like the abundance of Mazda Millenias on the highway, what else has been in my life all along simply waiting for a shift in my attention and focus?

Let’s think in terms of important relationships, business growth, financial success, leadership, and personal strengths. What if, as an engaging leader, everything you needed to build a successful team culture with world-class results were already present? What if all the resources you needed to grow your career and fulfill your life vision were here right now? If you lacked nothing, how might that change the way you see the world and yourself?

It takes courage to ask these questions and seek your own answers. What needs to change for you to be more aware and receptive to the abundance currently waiting for you? Here’s to the many Mazda Millenias already cruising down your highway of life.

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