People Who Make a Difference: Stephanie Reeser

July 9, 2012

I hadn’t been a client with Stephanie Reeser very long when she made an impression upon me. I had a local speaking engagement scheduled and Stephanie bought a ticket to the event and spent her evening listening to me speak so she could become better acquainted with my work. That’s the type of personal attention you can expect when working beside Stephanie at G-Force Marketing. Stephanie grew up around the beaches of North Carolina and even acquired her BS in Marketing from the University of Wilmington. She serves a diverse clientele ranging from the mattress industry, furniture manufacturers/retailers, the automotive industry, and professional speakers.

At G-Force Stephanie is known as the go-to person for advice. She has the ability to provide insight and wisdom which help her fellow employees solve personal problems and clients uncover growth strategies. Stephanie’s accessibility and responsiveness makes her clients feel special and cared for. She has a unique balance of professionalism with a personal touch. Stephanie’s favorite extracurricular activity (beside spending as much time with her feet buried in the sand at Topsail Island) is being a mom to Kinsley. She volunteers at her school and as a Girl Scout Leader.

Often it’s the little things that give us a competitive advantage in the workplace. Look up Stephanie Reeser if you need someone to help with your marketing strategy. She’ll be sure to make you feel special in little ways and impact your bottom line in big ways.

Click here to visit Stephanie’s profile at G-Force Marketing.

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People Who Make a Difference: Chuck Gallagher

June 4, 2012

This month I’m glad to feature my colleague Chuck Gallagher. Chuck serves alongside me on the board of the National Speakers Association Carolinas Chapter. He is a business executive, author and speaker. Chuck’s speaking topic is simple; he shares straight talk about business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Chuck doesn’t speak from knowledge he gained from a textbook—rather his own, personal and real life experiences. His personal story is captivating and poignant as he shares how he made choices that took him from a business executive who lost it all…and gained more than he could have ever imagined.

In his high-energy, thought-provoking and honest presentations Chuck shows organizations how to:

  • Transform self-limiting beliefs into personal and organizational success
  • Use Ethical choices to enhance business growth and success
  • Understand how Corporate Social Responsibility choices creates a new dynamic for business growth
  • Help employees increase ethics awareness and reduce fraud
  • Understand the effect of choices on their personal and professional lives
  • Improved Corporate Ethics and Compliance programs to benefit from Federal Sentencing Guidelines

As a business executive and motivational keynote speaker, Chuck’s message contains a blend of motivation, success, choices, consequences, illusions, failure, ethics, and integrity based on personal experience. In today’s world, you want more than a motivational speaker, you want someone that will impact your organization in a positive way … you want a speaker they won’t forget. Combine ethics, choices and personal accountability with meaning and you have Chuck Gallagher.

While many motivational speakers present from an overall or theoretical perspective, Chuck’s approach combines content-rich personal experiences combined with practical application in a way that audiences remember. Humorous at times, often thought provoking, Chuck’s energetic presentation style is often called inspirational, yet poignant. As a professional motivational keynote speaker, Chuck draws upon his real world business executive experience in both public and private companies, along with his education and experience, to relate to his audience – whether business, government or associations in a practical, and yet, effective manner.

Buy Chuck’s book: Second Chances
Click here to visit Chuck’s website.

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People Who Make a Difference: Brian Simpson

April 30, 2012

“An up and coming force to be reckoned with,” that’s how I’d describe Brian Simpson. He’s a new member of both the National Speakers Association and the National Speakers Association Carolinas Chapter. I’m most excited about working beside Brian as one of our new board members. He describes himself as a lifelong learner who reads 2 books per week. He’s practiced this habit since attending a Zig Ziglar conference in Raleigh and hearing him say, “I read 3 hours a day, and if I can’t TEACH it, I don’t READ it.” As a result, Brian is an avid student in the areas of public speaking, the business of professional speaking/coaching/consulting, personal development and spirituality/meditation.

Brian’s background, and passion, is in communications. He graduated with honors from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a concentration in Public Relations. His current job allows him to tap into his love for working as a public relations practitioner, speaker and media spokesperson.

Brian works with entrepreneurs helping them craft powerful presentations. His specialty involves using casual conversation as a way to extract humorous, educational and inspiring life and business stories for use in speaking engagements. He then helps these entrepreneurs with their speech outlines and scripts, critiques their presentations, and empowers them with technical speaking skills while retaining their own authentic voice and personality. Brian’s clients understand the importance of strategic communication and appreciate how he guides them to becoming clear, confident, and authentic communicators on stage, on camera and online.

Click here to visit Brian’s website.

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People Who Make a Difference: Dr. Cynthia L. Ackrill

April 3, 2012

As the President Elect of the National Speakers Association Carolinas Chapter, I get to work beside amazing professionals; one of them is Cynthia L. Ackrill, MD. Cynthia is just plain cool; she brings quite a unique and thorough background to our board. Intrigued by the brain and the role of the mind in health and performance, Dr. Ackrill spent 10 years working with brain-mapping and biofeedback, applied neuroscience and mind-body science. She analyzed and developed human performance potential, using the latest science and technology to treat health and behavioral challenges. She studied the mechanisms of attention and energy regulation, emotional management, creativity, and peak potential possibilities—looking “under the hood” of our behaviors. Cynthia searches for answers to critical questions such as: What gives us access to our brilliance, our creativity, and our best selves? How do we work smarter?

Cynthia is digging deeper to understand more about the science of motivation and behavior change. Change is so very hard for an individual and even harder for an organization. Obviously, knowledge is not motivation—even in the face of cardiac surgery only 1 in 9 people manage to change their lifestyle habits! Look how many healthcare workers are obese. Yet businesses and change programs keep operating as if knowledge is the key. She sought out training in the emerging sciences of motivation, coaching and positive psychology, and became certified by Wellcoaches and Wellness Inventory. To bring this science to the leadership level, she attended the College of Executive Coaching and mentored in leadership development and organizational effectiveness with masters.

Today’s problems demand extraordinary leadership. And such leadership requires developing the best of human potential—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Dr. Ackrill’s mission is to drive innovative change by applying science and wisdom to help extraordinary leaders develop the best of their abilities, ground in their values and purpose, and fine-tune their energy and motivation to serve with extraordinary effectiveness.

Click here to visit Cynthia’s website.

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People Who Make a Difference: Tom Stevens

March 5, 2012

Tom Stevens impacts people. I say that from firsthand experience. My March 6 E-couragement demonstrates the kind of person Tom is. Tom did not stumble upon the qualities, traits, and skills needed to leave an impression upon people; he earned them. Tom received both a BA degree and an MSW degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a Certificate in Organizational Development from UNC-Charlotte. Tom is a charter member of The Society for the Advancement of Consulting (the first from North Carolina!), and is a professional member of the National Speaker’s Association.

After developing expertise and gaining credentials in human behavior and counseling, Tom gained practical leadership and management experience serving a dozen years as the chief executive of a family services organization. In 2001, just 10 days before 9/11, Tom launched his own consulting full-time to help like-minded leaders and professionals accelerate their goals. Tom Stevens is a seasoned leadership advisor, executive coach, master facilitator, and professional speaker. Founder of Think Leadership Ideas, Tom brings executives, business owners, and knowledge professionals the leadership insight and know-how to create and sustain exceptional organizations. Practicing the leadership insight and values he promotes in his consulting practice, Tom is serving his third term as Mayor of Hillsborough, NC, a town that’s becoming a showcase for what’s right about small town America. Tom is the author of the Essential Leadership Ideas series, creator of the 7 Ideas Coach podcast series on Apple iTunes, and is publisher of THINK!, a monthly e-zine of leadership articles with subscribers around the world. His articles have appeared in Business Leader and Women’s Edge magazines, and are regularly reprinted in other business publications.

As a speaker, Tom has been applauded at top-ranked business schools, professional conferences, association meetings, and corporate retreats.

Click here to visit Tom’s Website.

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People Who Make a Difference: Ty Boyd

January 31, 2012

Classy, professional, integrity, and timeless are some descriptors that come to mind when thinking of Ty Boyd, CSP, CPAE. He does things the right way. Not only has he fashioned a stellar career in the speaking and training industry, he’s built his business by working alongside his family. Ty is Chairman of his Charlotte based company, Ty Boyd’s Executive Communication and Coaching. His daughters, Anne Boyd-Moore and Molly Boyd-Hunt, are CEO and Executive Faculty respectively. These three speakers have over 55 years of teaching and coaching experience between them and share their vast knowledge with highly successful executives from every state and 50 plus countries. Ty and his staff are experts in helping you reach your next level of presentation success. Topics include:

  • Learning top secret ways to never be at a loss for words
  • Enhancing and excelling in your delivery
  • Being the best presenter you can be, every time, anywhere! Actual presentations are coached during their powerful information packed sessions. 

Ty began his business life as a broadcaster and emerged as a speaker and coach. The National Speakers Association honored him with its Master of Influence Award for making a global impact through the spoken word. He has delivered keynotes and seminars on five continents to more than a million people. Anne’s background in radio and television has led her to coaching people from CEOs to NASCAR drivers throughout the country to enhance their speaking skills. Molly coaches her students on how to use their strengths to become authentic speakers through humor and storytelling.

At Ty Boyd Executive Communications & Coaching, they offer an ideal combination of experience, products and services. The faculty’s skills and supportive teaching style goes far beyond simple mechanical instruction; they provide a personal empowerment experience. The intimate setting created in their learning sessions allows participants to take risks trying new uses of communication tools. Their courses are designed to help the beginning speaker understand the basics of effective communications and make the experienced communicator even more effective.

Bottom line: This family run organization will make a difference for you and your organization. Ty and his team empower leaders, managers, sales professionals and administrators to make a dramatic difference with their customers. With over thirty years of experience leading the executive communications and coaching industry, this is much more than a claim…it’s a fact. Check out my friend Ty Boyd.

Click here to visit Ty’s website.

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People Who Make a Difference: Al Walker

January 2, 2012

Al Walker, CSP, CPAE, began his career selling and teaching Dale Carnegie programs in South Carolina. After a number of successful years, he started his own speaking/consulting/training business in 1981. Since then he has become one of the most respected speakers in America. Al is a past President of the Carolinas Chapter and The National Speakers Association. He’s been elected into the NSA’s Speaker Hall of Fame. He has spoken in all 50 states and internationally. Perhaps more importantly, Al is a kind and helpful human being. He has personally spent time with me providing priceless advice and endless encouragement.

As a motivational humorist, Al offers funny, inspiring and entertaining keynote, luncheon and after dinner speeches, workshops, seminars and concurrent sessions. He draws on his skills and background as a successful businessman and his humorous approach to life to deliver speeches and training programs to convention and meeting audiences across the world. His reputation as a trainer, facilitator and workshop/seminar leader has brought him international recognition. If you have an audience that wants to be entertained while simultaneously walking away with meaningful and practical content…Al Walker’s your man.

Click here to visit Al’s website.

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People Who Make a Difference: Clayton Halls

November 30, 2011

Motivational. Inspirational. Knowledgeable. Truthful. Those words describe my long-time fitness trainer Clayton Halls. Clayton not only knows what he’s doing, he’s willing to tell his clients the truth they need to hear in order to reach their goals. It’s easy to find people who tell us what we want to hear; it’s priceless when we find someone who’s willing to tell us what we need to hear. When it comes to finding out the necessary changes needed to live a healthier and more productive life, Clayton is the man with the answers.

Clayton is owner of C3 Fitness and is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise, as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with The National Strength and Conditioning Association. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science with a concentration in Fitness Leadership from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. For over 10 years, Clayton has guided hundreds of people, from various types of backgrounds to healthier and more energetic lives.

Clayton’s training modalities include fitness classes, small groups, one-on-one sessions, nutrition and supplement counseling and health coaching. He has a firm belief that making overall health and fitness a way of life is the only way to achieve long-term results and benefits. He is passionate about the people he works with and determined to help those people improve the quality of their lives. Clayton believes in the motto “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Clayton lives in Jamestown, NC with his wife, Angela, and their 3 cats. They are both deacons and very active in their church, C3 Greensboro. At his C3 Fitness studio you can find an assortment of activity, such as: personal training, fitness classes, corporate fitness group sessions, bootcamps, Tae Kwon Do and dance classes. He also works as a Health Consultant doing presentations and one on ones with individuals to help them improve their health with nutrition and plant-based supplementation. The primary mission for both of his businesses is to help people live a better life through improving their health and making them fit for life. Currently, Clayton has a monthly health and fitness blog that targets some very important issues and is working on writing a book that addresses living healthy inside and out.  

Take a look at the link to C3 Fitness Facebook fan page.
View Clayton’s monthly health and fitness blog.

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People Who Make a Difference: Jane Jenkins Herlong

October 31, 2011

I have the pleasure of working beside Jane Jenkins Herlong on the board of the National Speakers Association Carolinas Chapter. To say that Jane is talented would be an understatement. Jane is a humorist, award-winning professional singer, recording artist and published author. But she did not start out that way…

Jane’s life is a story of one simple phrase; “Oh, yes I can.”  Coming from a meager background she was literally the farmer’s daughter and the classic ugly duckling. Early on, Jane was informed that she was Dyslexic and would probably never accomplish much in life. Ironically, this may have been the best thing that ever happened to her, because she proved every label wrong.  Jane won the title of Miss South Carolina and was a contestant in the Miss America Pageant. She graduated from college with the highest honors voted by her peers and continued her studies in graduate school. Oh, yes, she did!  

From there Jane went on to even greater heights. As a professional singer and recording artist, she has performed at the legendary Radio City Music Hall, for professional basketball, baseball and numerous college bowl games. Along with speaking from coast to coast, Jane has also spoken in New Zealand and Germany sharing the stage with well-known personalities such as: Colin Powell, Rudolph Giuliani, Dr. Charles Stanley and the late Charlton Heston. A motivational humorist, Jane is a CSP, Certified Speaking Professional which is the highest earned designation awarded by the National Speakers Association.

As a published author her writing has appeared in Guideposts Magazine, Successful Farming, Baby Boomer, Fit and Well and was the featured cover story in Today’s American Woman magazine. Her popular book, Bare Feet To High Heels: You Don’t Have To Be A Beauty Queen To Be A Beautiful Person, has entertained and inspired people of all ages with her humor and warmth. A prolific writer, Jane is also a humor columnist. 

Jane believes that with a positive attitude, the right people at your side and sense of humor you can develop a healthy mind, body and spirit. Through life lessons, lots of laughter, and her award-winning singing, Jane’s goal is to encourage her audiences to develop a sense of humor and discover a sense of self. “Oh, yes you can!”

Jane, her husband and two children live on the family peach farm in Edgefield County, South Carolina.

Watch Jane’s new videos on YouTube:
Don’t Milk a Cow in a Beauty Pageant!
Jane’s motivational humor!
Jane singing!
Jane sharing her personal story!

Visit Jane’s Facebook Fan Page.
Learn more about Jane at:

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People Who Make a Difference: Louise Goodman

October 3, 2011

Intelligent, engaging, and classy are words that come to mind when I think of Louise Goodman. I have the pleasure of working beside Louise on the board of the National Speakers Association Carolinas Chapter. Recognized as an exceptional leader, motivator and presenter, Louise gets inside the hearts and minds of audiences to challenge their thinking–engaging them in learning while they have fun. With the right mix of logic and humor to retain knowledge, she inspires individuals and teams to reach for extraordinary outcomes.

Louise is passionate about helping others reach their full potential. She has demonstrated that high-performance teams are fueled by trust and loyalty borne from beliefs, values and skills. Throughout her award-winning career in the rapidly changing high-technology industry, she is recognized for delivering exceptional results. As companies search for ways to drive top-line revenue, especially in this tough economic environment, Louise drives top-line revenue using proven strategies for integrated sales and marketing campaigns.

Louise is experienced as a key management member in start-up companies and as a senior executive in the biggest Fortune 500 companies. She established herself as the obvious choice to lead strategic initiatives and build winning teams to support dynamic growth. She is a co-founder of Assured Outcomes, a sales and marketing consulting firm, and continues to share her secrets of success as a leading consultant and speaker. With a B.S. in Business Management from Southern New Hampshire University, Louise has completed advanced executive programs at Penn State University.

Using her God-given talents, Louise serves in church leadership as a trustee, leads both children’s and women’s ministry programs, and loves to sing as part of the church praise team. With her passion for golf, she became a member of the Executive Women’s Golf Association and will serve on the 2012 Myrtle Beach, SC Board of Directors.

Contact Louise at:
Twitter:  @Louise_Goodman

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