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Nine Principles of Engagement.




  1. Lead Thyself: Before you can effectively lead and be known by others you must lead and be known by yourself.
  2. Let Them In: People want to know what motivates you, what you value, what you believe in, and what you fear.
  3. Make It Personal: Become a student of those you lead. Study them. Pay attention to them. Listen to them. Learn from them.
  4. Take a Stand: Engaging leaders are committed to pursuing their dreams, focusing on their personal development, and growing those around them.
  5. Seek & Ye Shall Understand: Those who follow you want to be heard and understood. Your most effective tools are to ask and listen.
  6. Watch Your Mouth: Use your words to encourage and build up. Resist the temptation to “shoot from the hip” and leave others wounded.
  7. Crave Feedback: Crave it, give it, and receive it. Feedback will make you a better and more complete leader.
  8. Have Fun: A positive, enthusiastic attitude is contagious. Unfortunately, so is misery and negativity. Choose one.
  9. Inspire Them: Articulate a compelling vision for your team. Elevate them with your dream. You will create a loyal and inspired following.