Keynote Descriptions.

What topics might change the culture of your organization? Which ideas, artfully presented, might catalyze engagement among your people? Below are a few of the high-impact themes that EXTRAordinary! Inc. delivers regularly to companies like yours. These powerful messages can be scaled from a 40-minute keynote to multi-day workshop series:


Your Employees Have Quit—They Just Haven’t Left!

  • Engagement is the ability to capture people's souls, hearts, and minds, instilling an intrinsic passion for action and excellence. It means creating a culture where employees are intellectually and emotionally tied to the company vision.
  • Engaged team members are loyal, committed, creative, and innovative. They are also more productive than their disengaged counterparts and deliver high-level customer service while positively impacting the bottom-line.
  • This fun, energetic, and interactive event will focus on the fundamental principles that successful organizations apply in order to create and foster engaging cultures.


Take Your Customers from Satisfied to Loyal

  • Satisfied customers are temporary customers. They'll come back...just as long as somebody else doesn't have a sale, or move closer to where they live, or put a coupon in their hand.
  • Loyal customers will follow you to the ends of the earth and buy from no one else! So how do you build loyalty? It's much easier than you think, and we'll show you how.


Capture Your Audience with a Compelling Presentation

  • Yes, public speaking really is the #1 greatest fear among Americans. You can change all that today with a few key skills.
  • Learn how to "take off" and "land the plane" with unforgettable openings and closings. Discover the most common speaking mistakes that you will never make again.
  • Access the power of story, questions, and pauses & pacing to drive home points and call your audience to action.


Surprise Your Employees With Praise and Appreciation

  • The US Department of Labor notes that the number-one reason people leave organizations is that they don't feel appreciated. How is it that the greatest employee problem we face requires no money and very little time to address? Maybe it's time to build a culture of appreciation.
  • Learn the T-A-CT formula for expressing genuine, transformational praise in less than 60 seconds. Take the challenge to pay attention to your people and let them know what they are doing right!


Engagement Selling: Creating Customers for Life

  • Inspire and equip your Sales Teams with the skills they need to build lasting relationships with their buyers. Learn to ask and listen...and then deliver targeted solutions.
  • Incorporate the skills of inclusion, powerful language, and confident closing to build trust that goes the distance.