The ENgauge Feedback Tool.

Based upon EXTRAordinary! Inc's Nine Principles of Employee Engagement, the ENgauge feedback tool is a proprietary inventory under development that will allow us to serve our clients with greater insight into their unique workplace culture. We expect to have it available in the first quarter of 2013 and will post it here on the website once it is available.


 Here's a sample of what some of the questions might look like...

  1. Our work culture rewards / reinforces people taking full responsibility for their actions.
  2. The managers in our company are transparent about their personal lives.
  3. My company is committed to supporting my growth and development as a person and a professional.
  4. My supervisor regularly listens to me, understands my goals and challenges.
  5. We receive regular recognition and appreciation from our leaders for the work we do.


Stay tuned. Info coming...