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Top 10 Reasons to Book Rich!

There are lots of good speakers around. Why Rich? Here are a few reasons why EXTRAordinary! Inc. could be a game-changer in your company...


  1. His message elevates people from dutiful job to compelling mission.
  2. His evaluations consistently bring top scores.
  3. His book, Your People Have Quit--They Just Haven't Left, is catalyzing companies everywhere.
  4. He has tested the Nine Engagement Principles in his own businesses.
  5. His stories grab people's attention and inspire action.
  6. His clients' success speaks to the priority of engagement.
  7. He is currently the president of the National Speakers Association, Carolinas chapter.
  8. He is personal and transparent as a communicator and as a person.
  9. He marries content with humor for maximum impact.
  10. Employee engagement means business results.


There are a lot of cool things that might happen if Rich comes to speak...but there is one thing that is sure to happen: Your people will want him back!